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P31 Fabrications Pillow and Window Seat Cushions

Love the fabric of your new drapery treatments or got inspired by a Pinterest Post? You can now have throw pillows made to match!  P31 Fabrications has thousands of colors and sample patterns to choose from. You can also add ruffles, crystals, buttons, and other embellishments to your throw pillows to create your own personalized look that your visitors will talk about. 

If you want to give your family, living room or bedroom a new look without the expense of replacing furniture or painting walls, custom pillows can make a world of difference. The right throw pillows, can turn any ordinary room into an extraordinary colorful experience!  More than simple adornments, decorative pillows are creative tools for creating a desired look and feel for any room in your home. Even the smallest of decorative pillows can change the entire look of your living room or bedroom.

View Some of Our Custom Pillows and Window Seat Cushions Below
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