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A New Year of Motorized Windows

It's a NEW year and the best time to try something fresh! How about a new, easy way to order child-safe motorization?!

The motorized rod is called "Somfy" Heavy Duty Ripple fold rod. (you can have the option of ripple fold or standard pinch pleated drapes) This rod is truly amazing. This Somfy company does amazing things with motorization. Not all companies sell the wood facia to cover the track. I don't like leaving the boring track exposed. It has a wood facia from Select Hardware (part of United Supply Company), this covers up the motorized rod. The fabric is a beautiful woven fabric from Kasmir Fabrics, with a Kravet trim down the lead edges.

The rod is 176" wide and the drapery panels are 133" long.. They are very heavy and the motor is so smooth and quiet. The clients are thrilled, especially the husband! He loves the motorization.

The rod and drapes takes about 4-6 weeks to be made. We did the entire house but this was the only part motorized.

I've attached pictures of the lower level. This was a huge set of doors and windows, roughly 28 feet wide.

If you are interested in motorized window, please contact us for a free consultation!


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