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It's All about Shutters

Interior shutters can add a very cozy, modern, and timeless look to your home. Here are some Benefits of Installing Interior Shutters.

  1. Shutters are the ONLY window covering product that actually increase the resale value of your home

  2. Shutters have incredible curb appeal, meaning they look beautiful from the street.

  3. Shutters keep house cooler in summer by deflecting direct sunlight.

  4. When you purchase quality shutters for your home you are investing in something that should last you decades.

  5. Interior shutters are a permanent addition to your home, unlike many other treatments which must be periodically replaced.

  6. In rooms that you wish to darken, shutters block out more light than most other window coverings.

  7. Light can be filtered in different ways by rotating louvers to various angles. The benefits of indoor shutters over other window treatments.

  8. Shutters minimize allergens with solid surfaces where dust can’t linger and easily wipe clean, unlike soft window treatments.

  9. Wood shutters keep the house warmer in winter by providing additional insulation to the window.

  10. Shutters reduce utility bills

  11. Shutters don’t fade like drapes, shades, or curtains.

  12. Shutters are durable to withstand regular daily use in residential or commercial environments.

  13. Interior shutters are available in an endless number of paint or stain colors to match the existing décor.

  14. Adverse to trends, shutters have been consistently used for decades without looking dated.

  15. Shutters can be installed to cover only the bottom of a window (café style).

  16. A large variety of panel configurations allow shutters to be installed on almost any window size or shape.

  17. Shutters are hinged in the window opening so they can be opened for maximum access to the window.

  18. Interior shutters are versatile enough to fit in any décor, from ultra-modern to traditional to transitional.

  19. Louvers may be opened slightly to achieve privacy while simultaneously allowing natural light is able to enter the room.

  20. Interior shutters are absent of strings and cords which can be dangerous for children.

  21. Shutters are often sold at a higher price point than other window coverings, but are a far greater value because of many reasons above.

Here are some of P31 Fabrication's Completed Shutter Projects

P31 works with Lafayette Custom Shutters that aren’t just your classic traditional shutters. You’ll be amazed at what we can do with special shapes and colors to enhance and highlight architectural features within a home. Custom Shutters provide directional light control from ceiling to floor or from left to right depending on louver orientation. 

Woodland Harvest® Custom Shutters are manufactured in our state of the art facility with premium select hardwoods in nearly any size and shape. UV inhibitors in our finish helps resist color fading and yellowing even in the hottest windows and our water based paints are environmentally safe in your home.

Marquis™ Shutters offer a unique wood composite with an acrylic coating that allows for a tough shutter finish and long lasting beauty. Louvers and rail ends are sealed with a foiling process to complete the finished look of the shutter panel. Tilt rod notches are lined with a matching poly insert for aesthetics.


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