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P31 Fabrications, Roller Shades and Beat the Holiday Rush Promotion

So many people have been asking me about Roller Shades I wanted to show some examples of some of my work below and talk a bit about these window treatment options. With clean lines and unbeatable functionality, roller shades are making a stylish comeback.

Roller shades are exactly what they sound like. They consist of a rolling mechanism with a length of fabric attached to it. When fully raised, the material rolls up into the tube, and should not be visible. A chain pulley system or a spring mechanism rolls the fabric up and down.


  • Roller Shades come in up in a variety of styles fabric choices.

  • Roller Blinds are one of the easiest type to operate at home or corporate offices.

  • Roller Blinds can be spring assisted, operated by chain or fully motorized.

  • Solar Roller Shades block up to 90-99% of harmful UV rays.

  • Solar roller shades help to absorb heat and reduce glare from sunlight, while maintaining a view of the outdoors.

  • Because of their simple yet effective design, roller shades tend to cost less than other types of shades

  • Their minimalist appearance and design makes them exceptionally easy to clean.

  • Less likely to require repairs due to the moving parts behind contained and protected inside the headrail.

Here are some of my latest photos of roller shades projects.

Above : Another option on roller Shades is the decorative shaped bottom.

Above: Samples of Solar Shade Projects

Above: These are simple, No Frills, straight bottom roller shades

Before and After photos of Petticoat Roller Shades. These give you the look of a Silhouette / Tenera but in a roller shade option.

So please give me a call today to discuss options for your windows that are affordable but also functional!

(614) 882-3584


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