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Spruce Up Your Outdoor Area

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

Everyone loves to be able to walk outdoors and have a place that is not only relaxing and beautiful. I am asked by many new and existing clients if I sew outdoor pillows and cushions and the answer is Yes! I also advise on how to use fabric to enhance your spaces.

What Kind of Fabrics are best for the outdoors?

  • Indoor/outdoor fabric

  • Outdoor fabric

  • All-weather fabric

  • Home decorator fabric

  • Waterproof fabric

  • Weatherproof or weather-resistant fabric

Below are some ideas :

You can see above that fabric choices are essential for seat cushions as well as pillows. Also color choices finish the look.

Splashes of Color brighten any patio space.

Sometimes Simple is the Key. It enhances the natural beauty of your outdoor furniture.

Below are a client's photos of our finished products

Please contact us today to evaluate your outdoor spaces!


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