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Two Completed Projects from P31 Fabrications

Project One

This is a long time client whom I met years ago at a Women's Luncheon. The treatment in the blue fabric is an Arch shaped cornice board. (Upholstered wood framed board that I custom cut for each clients desired shape) Stationary pinch pleated panels on rings hanging from a short Wood pole. This style accents the sides of the large window without obstructing the view.

Project Two

Before and After Photos The before picture placed the rod at the window height making the window feel undersized for the room. To make the room feel spacious and to bring attention to the arch of the window we placed the rod close to the ceiling with long panels to all allow the window to become a statement in the room. We also added beautiful woven wood shades. The red fireplace brick was softened by applying a white wash look.

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