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Creative Ideas for the Holidays from P31 Fabrications

We love creating memories in fabric for our clients. Are you trying to think of gifts to give your loved ones? Here are a few ideas. Recently we just created this pillow for a client who loves Ohio State! We get many requests for pillows that include sayings or logos and we love to watch people's reactions when we an give them the finish product!

Below are some Handmade Christmas Stockings we created for one of our clients.

I love to Sew and I love to create one of a kind memories for you. This client above, cross stitches them and I made them into stockings

Here are some soup bowl covers, which also make a great gift!

If you think that you would like to spruce up a room for holiday company chairs like those below are beautiful. These are dining room seat covers recently finished for a client. Sometimes the most beautiful gift to you can give yourself is something you can look at all the time!

And finally here is a custom tree skirt!

Please contact me today to discuss creating a one of a kind gift! The Holidays are coming up fast so call today!!


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