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How to Curate & Style Meaningful Art for Your Living Room

Updated: Dec 16, 2018

Nearly any home can reach that elusive, exclusive aesthetic--one that says "a professional did this"--if you know how to curate and style it correctly. ...because, yes, there is a right and wrong way to decorate. While many things are left to individual preference, there are three cardinal styling rules (or, groups of rules, if we're being honest) that should never be broken.

1 | Don't stray from your established color palette. Your color palette should contain 2-4 colors or shades of a color, but no more than that. These colors should either complement or contrast. In short, they should "work well" together. Make sure that at least one color is lighter than the rest and that one is darker. This is one way you will create depth in your living room. This color palette will apply to everything--the furniture, rug, window treatments, art, and other decor. If you are having trouble creating a color palette that you truly love, let us know. We are happy to help uncover the palette that will look best in your home and create the ambience that you desire.

2 | Use a mix of metal, wood & fabric.

Color aside, the textures you choose will help create layers of warmth and depth. Upholstered furniture, plush throw pillows of various patterns, stone, wood, and greenery all contribute to making your living room whole. A skilled interior designer or decor expert will be able to create harmony between color and texture, mixing and matching the two but never straying from your color palette or design style.

3 | Follow the tried and true styling rules.

You've likely heard of the "rule of three," which simply means that any arrangement of decor on a coffee table, fireplace, etc., looks best in groups of three (or any odd number). ...but did you know that you should never hang a TV or mirror above a fireplace? This rule is followed by high-end designers (including yours truly) without fail. We never hang a TV above the mantle because the fireplace and the television will becoming competing focal points. Additionally, we never hang a mirror above a fireplace because, when you sit on the sofa, all you will see is the living room light fixture reflecting back at you--not the classiest view. Wondering what you should hang above your mantle? Keep reading.

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design highlights

where to source decor

While decor retailers are on every corner, their lower price points are often indicative of lower quality. Instead of placing cheap "knock-off" pieces in your curated space, opt for quality from a trade-trusted resource. We have the connections, so let's go shopping together

design tip of the month

above-fireplace art

Since TV's and mirrors don't work well above a fireplace, hang impressionist or watercolor paintings instead, provided that the painting is 2/3 the width of the mantle to maintain visual balance.


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