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How to Handle Hard-to-Dress Windows Arches, Transoms & More

Updated: Dec 16, 2018

Chances are high that you have at least one window that is...special. Its design is refreshing. The view is to-die-for, and you wouldn't part with that window for anything. ...but how do you dress it? Dressing a window properly can be complicated, which why we've honed our skills in this area. We take into account the window shape, size, location in the home, actual window design and trim pieces and-most importantly-the lifestyle of those who use it. After all of those defining factors have been outlined, we then must fabricate a window treatment that blends seamlessly with your interior design, to make it seem as though the window coverings were part of the plan all along. (As they should be!)

Our Top Tips for Dressing Arches, Transoms & Patio Doors

1 | Arched Windows

Arched windows are incredibly romantic. Instead of burying them beneath heaving fabrics, we suggest using a light-to-medium weight fabric to create drapery side panels or even a standalone valance. If privacy is never an issue, consider using stationary side panels. If you like having options, we suggest choosing grommet-hung or motorized drapery that you can easily open and close.

Photos via NJ Estates

Photos via Savor Home

2 | Transoms

While the aesthetic is certainly pleasing, you'll find a few strong opinions about the proper way to dress transoms. Some professionals recommend placing a drapery rod at the top of the lower window, while others treat the top and bottom windows as one by placing the drapery rod above both. If you have an arched transom, you will need to decide whether to cover it or leave it completely bare. Since transoms are smaller and higher than regular windows, privacy is rarely an issue. As your window treatment professionals, we will work with you to create the best solution for your situation.

Photo via Fresh Farmhouse

3 | Sidelights + French Style Patio Doors The entrance of your home is the first place you should look to make a statement, which is why choosing window treatments for this area can be tricky. Sheer drapery panels (stationary or otherwise), Roman shades, or woven shades are often great picks. If possible, keep the door clear of window treatments but allow yourself the pleasure of dressing the adjacent windows.

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