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The Psychology Behind Window Coverings (that You Never Knew)

Updated: Dec 16, 2018

Think back to your college psych class. (It's okay, I don't remember it either.) But what I may have forgotten since then has come full circle in my window coverings business.

You see, there is a psychology--a science, if you will--behind window coverings. The right selection in the right space can pull a room together and make you, the homeowner, feel at ease. The wrong window treatment, or one that is simply the wrong size / depth, can wreak havoc in an otherwise lovely room.

While I don't call myself a curtain psychologist, I have picked up on several truths that correlate to homeowner happiness and window treatments.

1 | If your room or home isn't private enough, you'll never be able to relax. This should be obvious, right? No one likes to live in a "fishbowl" with curious eyes peering through windows as they drive by or nosy neighbors tapping on the glass because--hey--they can see you and want to talk. (Yikes!)

2 | The wrong window treatment will block too much light and / or make your windows look smaller than they are. Talk about depressing! As humans, we need sunlight. It lifts our mood drastically, which affects our decision-making, our relationships, and our future.

3 | Spending money on quality interior design, then skimping on window coverings doesn't make any sense. Purchasing window treatments from a department store (yes, even IKEA) and putting them in your tastefully designed space is like putting on a full face of makeup...and wearing pajamas. It just doesn't look right and can cause disharmony in our brains.

When our eyes see something that doesn't "flow," our brain will stop us in our tracks until we figure out where the inconsistency is. This contributes to uneasiness and a sorry lack of style (which can and will lead to anxiety about your home). Not good and totally avoidable. Ready to avoid a window covering mishap? I'm here to help!


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